Association Meeting on Zoom – September 28, 2022 at 6:30 pm


  1. Meeting Called to Order
  2.  Introductions
  3.  Approval of Minutes
  4.  Treasurer’s Report
  5.  Presentation of Bills
  6.  Executive Board Report
  7.  Principal’s Report
  8.  New Business:
    1. Adoption of the Annual Financial Report 2021-2022
    2. Adoption of the Budget 2022-2023
    3. Adoption of Events and Activities 2022-2023
    4. Release Funds
    5. Proposed Amendments of new GA PTSA Bylaws
    6. Grad Nite 2023 tickets as prizes
    7. Support of VAPA Cares: promote, wish list on website, volunteer
  9. Committee Reports:
    1. Grad Nite 2023
  10.  Announcements 
    1. Volunteers Needed to Fill Vacancies: Historian, Auditor, Parliamentarian
    2. Volunteers Needed: Programs, Ways and Means, Membership
  11.  Meeting Adjourned
National Parent Teacher Association

Grand Arts PTSA Officers and Board Members 2022-2023

Mia Picerno

Ted Ng

Paul Robak

Angelika Kalikah

Sophie Silver

Greg Schiller

Jantre Christian




Vice President for Membership

Vice President for Ways and Means

Vice President for Student Representative


Teacher Representative

Principal and Adviser



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